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Caitlin is in love with Kyle Donaldson, a handsome tennis player, so Jen and Jonesy try to help her to get a date with him. DawgToy boy band comes to the mall, so Caitlin and Jen try to get close to their idols. There, she gives Jude and Wyatt free burritos as they skate past Vegan Island. Ron the Rent-a-Cop gets baby Emma and gives her back to Jen, who then finds out her parents are getting home and she has to rush home with her baby sister before they arrive. Nikki and Jonesy share their first kiss in the series.

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Rachel Wilson guest-stars as Melinda Wilson. Wyatt is not very happy about his birthday. Caitlin tries to find a way to fix the blender after one of her giant earrings dropped into it, fish but both she and Jen develop crushes on the repairman who comes to fix the blender.

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Also, Nikki does not want to go to Acapulco with her parents. All goes well until his friends find out, go to one of his readings to support him and Caitlin farts during one of his poems, causing the whole gang to laugh and embarrass Wyatt. Caitlin decides to give up boys for good and go into art after her new flame Spencer dumps her.

  • Meanwhile, the rest of the gang visits the movie theatre during a power outage at the mall.
  • Alan Park guest stars as Tim.
  • Meanwhile, Wyatt writes down a new jingle in order to be rewarded with free food and rehearsal space for a band at Burger McFlipster's.
  • Jen received a new method of being mean and unattainable for getting guys from Jonesy while Nicki seconded Caitlin's idea to be nice and respectful to the guys.
  • Meanwhile, Jude and Wyatt start a psychic hotline because the real phone number is only a digit off Underground Video's number.

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  1. Starr being reminded that Jude once puked in her mouth.
  2. And Jude wants to win a coffee drinking cup.
  3. Both guys only notice Caitlin and not Jen due to Jen's hideous poodle sweatshirt and her drooling over both of them, along with Caitlin fluttering her eyelashes at both boys.

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And she seduces Jonesy to help her in the campaign against Nikki! Wyatt has a fear that Marlowe could break up with him after they've gotten on each other's nerves for a while. Jude at first pretends to be okay with this, but as soon as Starr leaves Jude drops his calm facade and begins running through the mall, looking for geniuses. The entire gang abandons Jen, with the guys astonished by Courtney's looks, and girls loving to listen about her ex-boyfriends and trips abroad. Soon, the event is set up, with Jonesy charging ten dollars per head.

Consider asking him about his dream job. Meanwhile, Jonesy tries to sell Roast Burky chunklets, and ends up causing a disaster at the mall when he trusts Jude to help him. If you are a pet lover, then this question might be crucial. The gang tells Caitlin their deepest secrects and she told them to her new boyfriend Dustin.

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Once again, Ron uses the incident as an excuse to harass the gang by throwing them in the mall security lockup until Jonesy bails them out by giving Ron his, Jude's and Wyatt's tickets for the movie. Nikki and Jude have problems with the Escalator Girls and need to find a way to get back at them. When Jude hands the test over to Starr, Starr becomes more and more worried as she grades it until she gets the final result. Jonesy keeps pranking Jen, much to her dismay, so Jen tries to get revenge on Jonesy by fighting fire with fire and pranking him badly.

Except Caitlin's because he duzn't know hers. Will the male part of the group find out what's going on? Jen's older and hated sister Courtney comes to town. Everything is fine, until Wayne gets furious at Jonesy for taking away his fries under his mom's orders, so Wayne starts manhunting Jonesy around the mall. Caitlin fights with her former friend Tricia to discover who is the biggest shopper in the mall at a Khaki Barn contest.

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Five friends want to get jobs in the Mall and meet Caitlin, who ends up as a sixth member of the gang. Caitlin falls for a guy named Sawyer, but she feels the need to make her breasts bigger since Sawyer is into large-chested girls. Meanwhile, Nikki is too afraid of babies to help Jen's mother with the breathing exercises. He is discovered by a mysterious man who claims he is the latest teen-trend finder, and offers Jonesy a job.

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Wyatt, Caitlin, Jen, and Jude are loveless at the time so they get mad when they see Jonesy and Nikki flirting with each other right in front of them. Meanwhile, Diego and Robbie drive Jen completely nuts since Jen hates her three stepbrothers, but finds out her mom is pregnant and is desperate to find out if it is a girl or a boy. Jonesy scores a job as Kylie's bodyguard and Jen tries everything she can just to see her. Although Jude is initially reluctant, his friends nod at him to go, and he accepts the invitation. Jen has a giant zit on her forehead, and only the gang, Ron, The Clones, and Darth are left.

He starts to practice by pulling Caitlin around on his skateboard, but when he finds out he's getting slower, he goes to great lengths such as shaving all his hair off to go faster. Meanwhile, matchmaking services scotland Jen and Jonesy try to compete in salesmanship to win sporting equipment and Jen makes a deal with Officer Ron so she can sell most of her products. It is also a good way to get you giggling.

One of the twins talks to Jen during the speed-dating round. While the mention of this sets off a neurosis in Wyatt's mind, Jonesy has no time to attend to his friend, as he and Nikki explain the setup of the speed dating event. When Jonesy and Nikki's friends complain about their difficulties trying to find relationships, Nikki sarcastically suggests speed dating, and the rest of the gang takes her seriously.

Meanwhile, Wyatt starts dating a girl who has way too much in common with him and it starts to creep Wyatt out. Meanwhile, Jude starts secretly dating a senior named Melinda Wilson. Jonesy tries to cheer up Wyatt by taking him on a double-date which, however, doesn't go as planned. But Nikki finds out that living with Jen is too hard. Nikki quits her job at the Khaki Barn and gets a new job at a cooking store.

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On their date, Jonesy tags along and offers Jen advice, first by sitting behind her and then by transmitting instructions through an earpiece. To make things worse, Ron, after loosing his meaning of life, dating 7 years still starts to hang out with his former enemies- the Gang! Nikki and Jonesy get stuck in a elevator.

Ron makes Jonesy take off his uniform in front of the whole mall. Wyatt is failing gym and Jen helps him. There, attractive usernames for dating she serves Nikki and Wyatt while saying weird things.

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Meanwhile, Caitlin loses the will to shop. Caitlin then buys a water bra, which gives Jonesy the idea to sell bras with water balloons stuffed in them. Friends always know a person best. If the person is pessimistic and so are you, it might form a good connection. Meanwhile, Jen wants to end her relationship with Charlie Dobbs, but the gang loves him and persuades Jen to keep a relationship with Charlie, much to her dismay.

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Caitlin sends letters to Kevin, the other Lemon employee who works in the mornings. Jen drives the car in the atrium into the fountain, and Jonesy gets fired. Caitlin tells her boyfriend who divulges all the stories to the public while being hypnotised.

Girls try to make Nikki a prom queen, but there's an ultimate enemy- Tricia. This important question enables you to figure out whether or not the guy actually looks for personality traits rather than simple looks. Jen is not too happy about her mom's marriage to Jonesy's dad majorly because of Jonesy and his two brothers. You may also get to know a lot about his personality.

It turns out that these are Starr's friends, and they ask him a question about how to change direction in outer space while burning the least amount of fuel. During this time frame, Starr appears several times. They are communicating through the pay phone in the mall. She then goes to Jonesy for advice on how to switch the babies back, eventually leading into Nikki telling Jonesy that she loves him.

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