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His eyes bulge somewhat and can get scratched, and he can have eyelid or eyelash abnormalities. The colors are black, silver fawn, and apricot fawn. The Pug's skin is loose, but without wrinkle except on the head. The head and tail are the breed's most distinctive features.

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The shortened muzzle can cause breathing problems and air-gulping, which can give him gas and cause problems in hot, humid climates. Tooth and gum problems are also possible with this breed because of the slightly undershot jaw.

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The tail is tightly curled over the hip. The Pug has a stable, even temperament and a playful, outgoing disposition. Such blurring of colors may be caused by breeding black Pugs to fawn-colored Pugs, a match never done by responsible breeders.

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Owners should examine the mouth of a growing pup to make sure baby teeth are not retained and to watch for mouth tumors. Care and feeding However, the breed is not without problems, and many are directly related to its structure. If you buy a Pug with the idea of breeding her later, it is doubly important to buy from a responsible breeder. Plump Pugs are as undesirable as thin ones. Brushing the teeth is strongly recommended to prevent gum disease.

If extraordinary measures are needed to whelp the litter or care for the puppies, the loss on the litter could be hundreds of dollars. The relatively massive head of this breed can cause birthing problems, particularly if one rather large puppy is carried. Like most gifts from the Orient, the origin of the Pug is lost in the mists of ancient civilization.

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The breed is probably more than years old and was developed as a beloved companion of royalty from the same stock that produced the Pekingese. The Pug should be a picture of strength with hard muscles, straight legs and topline, and purposeful gait with a slight roll. Pugs have small litters, aa dating non-alcoholics so good breeders often have a waiting list. The breed became the symbol of Holland's House of Orange after a Pug warned the household of Prince William that invading Spaniards were approaching. Purchasing a Pug from a responsible breeder is crucial to getting a puppy who is free of these problems.

Air conditioning in summer months in the south is essential. Better the owner should spay the bitch and cherish her as a companion, then buy another puppy if one Pug isn't enough. Ear cropping remains against the law in England.

The English Queen ended the practice of ear cropping for Pugs when she called a halt to the practice for all breeds in the country. He's moderately easy to train, and is generally good with outsiders, but will warn his owners when strangers approach. The Prince avoided capture, and the Pug was revered throughout the kingdom. Pugs in heat distress should be cooled with cold water and taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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He has a short, double coat with a fine undercoat and fine glossy outer coat. Both have a black mask, black ears, and a fine black line trace from the back of the skull occiput to the tail.