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Providing I don't twist his head off before we get there. Before the clone troopers could even react, the gunship was shot down and crashed on the planet.

Rebel One was not initially detectedWhen Sunber saw

When Sunber saw Sol, however, he accused Skywalker of lying to him only to rescue the mathematician. Rebel One was not initially detected by the fleet surrounding Bannistar Station, and the Rebel ship blended with the rest of the traffic.

All civilian personnel were evacuated from the ship, while Able and a small team led by Princess Leia Organa boarded a limpet ship in order to execute a stealth attack on the station. In the meantime, many major events occurred. Able informed the Imperial commander that the Rebels had planned a counterattack and that they had been caught by surprise. Most of my unit was killed.

Able was thrown back by the explosive shockwave, and upon regaining balance, he witnessed the Rebel forces in retreat. They were on top of us before we could react. Able and the others killed the stormtroopers and dragged their bodies inside the tanker in order to assume their positions. However, they soon discovered that the tank was empty, so its destruction would not be as damaging as they had hoped. He learned, however, that they were not Confederates, and the soldiers who had chased them were stormtroopers, soldiers who served the Empire as successors to clone troopers.

Although his cover was blown, Skywalker was able to convince Sunber to let the slaves go. The rest of us managed to take out the droids, but at a heavy price. We don't even get her reaction to events.

At that moment, they were attacked by stormtroopers, who threatened to cut their straps and let the Rebels fall to their deaths if they did not give up. Based on my interest in Korean geopolitics, I was expecting this book to be a lot more than it was. Speaking of Sylvia, the fact that she's flying into a city that might get nuked is completely undone once the missiles are shot down and we never hear from her again. Able was later transferred aboard the Rebel transport. Ultimately, Able was left as the only survivor of the crash, and the clone trooper buried his fallen comrades in graves under piles of rock.

Upon hearing this, Able declared that if the Jedi had taken up arms against the Empire, he would serve Skywalker. Able, meanwhile, was to accompany Organa and damage one of the fuel tanks, hoping to start a chain reaction that would destroy the entire station. Each individual and family will need to project possible future needs and costs over time, and to assess their risk tolerance for possible future investment strategies to grow their savings. We've got to get word to Captain Harran.