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An introduction to family studies. Where reforms are already in place, such research may identify unintended consequences and point to additional, corrective reforms. Regulations ostensibly based on health or risk concerns - in access to assisted reproduction or blood donation - that disproportionately affect a group are another.

Such research may be meditative, reflective, or speculative. Recent years have witnessed a substantial, creative and often exciting outpouring of work on kinship see e.

Recent research involving same-sex couples indicates a strong focus on the monogamous romantic couple Heaphy et al. Same-sex marriage having been legislated in England and Wales, Harding in this volume brings critical discourse analysis to bear on the parliamentary debates that led to it. In many contexts, we have all the rights as if the sex binary no longer mattered, but it lurks to rear its head in the most curious of places. The methods of inquiry vary.

Recent years have witnessed a substantial

On the side of more, the terms might have extended to regulation of the workplace and of political processes. Similarly, liberal discourses of autonomy and choice have been rightly criticized although sometimes caricatured instead. Feminist gains in family law or criminal law may trigger a backlash see e. Addressing them can be uncomfortable. Marshalling lines of inquiry for addressing the character of appropriate state action is delicate.

New inclusions may produce new exclusions. Two divides might be bridged productively. University of Washington Press. Whilst some scholarly projects arise from a grand idea, my inspiration for this collection and the preceding workshop emerged by induction from small, concrete cases. At minimum, it is worth studying their epistemic limits.

The destruction or reengineering of the welfare state offers other examples. However, this principle was not implemented in most of the world and, even in Europe, the rise of aristocracies and nobility created unequal legal systems that lasted into the modern era. Fourth, the impact for those left behind or further disadvantaged.

Such research may

In this volume, Harding identifies love as a recurrent justification in debates regarding same-sex marriage for England and Wales. Regimes that have been ostensibly purged of discrimination on their face may nevertheless prove problematic in their administration. As if the view of love as governance instrument is not somber enough, the question of love also raises matters of violence within intimate relationships. Inclinations to validate social parenting and to recognize genetic origins can pull strongly in opposing directions.