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After Long Years And Other Stories by Sophie A. Miller download in iPad, ePub, pdf

It was an excellent

It was an excellent set up to this world. This was an excellent set up to the rest of the book. If only because it is the longest and had more time to really flush out the characters and the world. Overall it was a very nice wrap-up to this short collection of stories. England and large sections of Europe and Asia have practically vanished.

That is pretty much what happened when I saw the cover for this story, though. Huge inland seas have opened up in both North and South America. Even if that reality is one in which dinosaurs exist alongside humanity. It centers around the lives of Grover and his first love Lawrence. Gunslingers, lawmen, and shootouts over land, money, and prestige.

Which way their fates will turn is unclear though. Through those rifts came catastrophic amounts of sea water, causing massive flooding.

They must never, though, know that Ashni is in fact a mage. Maybe if they had not been already together at the time of the story it would have been better. While I enjoyed all three of these stories, the first is probably my favorite.

Their romance was a bit lacking, however. Both with good and bad intentions and results. The first of the three stories told in this book is by far the largest. Ashni and Geula were interesting, and I would have loved more on both their backgrounds, but the story did give enough so that they could function in the plot.

This was an excellent set

And while he certainly got his man, he also stole the heart of one Luc Spivey, otherwise known as Lucky. The theurgists are still dicks, as far as I can tell, though. Where with Grover and Lawrence I could feel their connection, here I had to go on simply what the book was telling me. Being a black man in the wild west of the United State or what parts of it that are not under water is still not an easy prospect.