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And with their familiar surroundings, clients are less likely to fall. This was at the height of flu season where a resident contracted the flu and ended up spreading it to many other residents within a matter of days. Aging well means aging wisely-it means planning carefully and coping creatively with life's challenges. The Complete Guide A frank, friendly, and informative guide to help you deal with the complex and sometimes confusing world of nursing home, assisted living, and in-home care. This is also true for pediatric patients.

Physicians are now communicating with patients via telehealth, and nurses and caregivers are mobile with their documentation at the tips of their fingers via software and mobile applications. In fact, Home Instead Senior Care and The Boomer project found that nearly half of family caregivers overestimate the cost of home care. Machines and tools that were once only available at hospitals or facilities have been fitted for home use. Family caregivers end up handling a work-life-care balance between caring for loved ones, working and attending to their own families.

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How to Age in Place is both a practical roadmap and inspirational guide for the millions of seniors who want to make their own decisions and age well. Falls are a leading cause of injury death, and the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Bornstein, PhD, and Mary A. Homes can easily be customized based on client needs, from adding handrails and lifts to ramps and special beds. To conclude, consumers should certainly explore in-home solutions for their current or future care needs. Clients with in-home care are not exposed to facility surroundings that may have other sick patients. How to Age in Place by Robert F.