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When you are taking care of your health and body the happiness that radiates out is so incredible to see. We started chatting back and forth after that on Facebook and then over to text and I began to realize we had so much in common and a general appreciation for each other.

In my experience, however, the real essence of competing is often misunderstood. Or giving a compliment to the girl next to your in your workout class. She has to be one of the most gorgeous woman I have ever met. That really got me to thinking about how our society tries to hard wire our minds to try and be competitive with other females. It is a mentality, an outlook, and a way of approaching every day.

In my experience however theOr giving a compliment to the

It means having the determination to keep improving, to keep growing, and to keep learning. The real opposition is the challenge to remain focused on maximizing their abilities in preparation for the game.

The traditional definition of competition requires having an opponent. In my world, however, competition is much more than that. Having these successful people in my life has been such positive influence because they constantly challenge and drive me to continue to set the bar higher. Working out is not about trying to change the number on the scale.

They see competition as a zero-sum game that hurts more than it helps. Basically trying to keep this positive energy out there to continue to promote and encourage all the talented and smart women around you.

This post may contain affiliate links. As I shared with you yesterday, on Friday night we had our Pure Barre grand opening party and it was a wonderful event. Then that positive energy and karma will come back to you tenfold. It means accepting responsibility and deciding each morning that you will make today better than yesterday. Myself, Yen and Lauren all have the same thing in common through not only the healthcare aspect but the fitness aspect.