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This model is hot on measurability. Complementary color schemes are tricky to use in large doses, but work well when you want something to stand out. Another six tertiary colors are created by mixing primary and secondary colors. First, I think we should be looking for practice which does not focus exclusively on individuals, but pays careful attention to collective understandings and practices and to structural questions. The Color Wheel The color wheel or color circle is the basic tool for combining colors.

This model is hot on measurabilityComplementary color schemes are tricky to

Curriculum as a syllabus to be transmitted Many people still equate a curriculum with a syllabus. It is not a package of materials or a syllabus of ground to be covered.

The role of overall judgment is somehow sidelined. This was a term credited to Philip W. As it stands it is a technical exercise. The above illustration shows the color circle with the primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

We then need different ways of describing what is going on. Second, there are questions around the nature of objectives. If the plan is tightly adhered to, there can only be limited opportunity for educators to make use of the interactions that occur. This color scheme must be managed well so it is not jarring. The first is that the plan or programme assumes great importance.