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The commissioner rejected Dana's arguments and ordered Burns returned to Virginia. With extensive destruction surrounding him, Burns went out to the front lines and joined the work crews in repairing roofs.

It allows slaveowners to seize and arrest fugitive slaves and present written or oral proof to an official in order to reclaim their property. Suttle appointed William Brent of Falmouth for the purpose of hiring Burns out to others in Richmond.

Boston abolitionists, vehemently opposed to the Slave Act, rallied to aid Burns, who was being held on the third floor of the federal courthouse. In the interim, the abolitionist community in Boston made strenuous efforts to derail the effort to enforce the Fugitive Slave Clause. Antislavery northerners were obviously dismayed by the successful enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act. Burns planned to travel with the exhibition through Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the autumn and winter.

The events generated strong

The events generated strong opposition across the North to Pierce and his administration. Dana and co-counsel Charles M. He joined a church, where he became a preacher.

Dana and cocounsel Charles M