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Astrodynamics Network AstroNet-II by Gerard Gómez download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Comet Thermal Model for Navigation. Natural and artificial orbits around the Martian moon Phobos. On distributed control strategies for spacecraft formation flying. Now, when the network is coming to its end, it is time to communicate to an international specialised audience the work that has been carried out during these four years. Bifurcations thresholds of halo orbits.

Some models for the description of the attitude dynamics. Modeling resonant trojan motions in planetary systems Complex Planetary Systems. Weighting matrices determination using pole placement for tracking maneuvers. Low thrust relative motion control of satellite formations in deep space.

Small Spacecraft formation flying using Solar Radiation. To provide the E S R's with the complementary communications and project management skills that are needed, in addition to the scientific skills, for a successful career. Incorporating attitude dynamics, the shape dynamics of formations, and the dynamics of flexible attachments, will also require inputs from geometric and symmetric mechanics. Identification of new orbits to enable future missions for the exploration of the Martian moon Phobos. Efficient modelling of small bodies gravitational potential for autonomous proximity operations.

Guidance, Navigation and Control for Phobos. An efficient sub-optimal motion planning method for attitude manoeuvres.

End-of-life disposal of libration point orbit spacecraft. Dynamics around the collinear points in the circular restricted three body problem, including Solar Radiation Pressure and Oblateness.

Small Spacecraft formationTo provide the