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The model is independent from the underlying architecture and is scalable. We can also get information from the target architecture, as a complement of the information from the programing model. This is currently a proof of concept.

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Work-stealing schedulers try to minimize this overhead by generating paral- lelism only when required, i. An extensible environment for visualizing multi-threaded programs executions. In the future, it will be possible to implement the local stacks in the local memories of the processors. The common goal is to get the relevant information from the programming model see Fig.

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Blumofe and Dionisos Papadopoulos. However, realizing this scheduling also has a cost that must be taken into account. To choose a victim processor, we applied the deterministic approach for two main reasons. In this paper, we present a dynamic scheduling technique based on work- stealing.

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We can also measure the time for each task. Bounds on multiprocessing timing anomalies. Due to its dynamic scheduling, work-stealing adapts to every situation to offer the best finish time. The complexity of developing Systems-on-Chip Soc is increasing continuously, but the productivity of hardware and software developers is not growing at a comparable pace. Moreover, we assume that the time for the computation of F i depends on i.

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We are currently using a platform with a host processor e. The sequential algorithm for computing this problem is very simple, it consists in a simple loop. The system should be able to exploit the resources as much as possible in order to save power and time.

Therefore, on the one hand, software development is carried out at the simulation level. Moreover, this results are based on simulations and the simulations must be improved in order to have more precise results. Then cycle-accurate simulation provides more precise performance measures. So the performance are irregular and impredictible.

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Then, this model is transformed to add a proper mapping and scheduling. As a consequence, the number of steals decreases as each processor computes big tasks before idling. And the global computation rate is limited by the rate of the slowest processor. Scheduling Theory and its Applications. Then, we also consider to use a motion compensation algorithm that only depends on the previous picture and not the current one.

It is composed of severals nodes linked together by a component called network. Here, two ways are possible. Experiments on clusters and grids show that it can support a great number of processors. Knowing we use a work-stealing model, we can correlate the raw communications with the steal request and task creation. It is a priori bounded by the number n of tasks.

This paper is organized as follows. Solution of a problem in concurrent programming control.

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The programming model has an abstraction of the architecture, the platform does not know the embedded software. While the last processor computes its fourth strip, the other one are simply waiting. As the programming model does not depend on the underlying architecture, it is possible to test the application on any architecture that the model supports.

For our application, we use a modified version of the loop. So, a processor is never interrupted and is always in activity until there is no more work anywhere. The profiling tool is in fact the combination of platform probing, the programming model knowledge and the visuali- sation tool. The network is simply a shared memory in which we added extra-functionnalities. Finally, we chose a picture whose caracteristics were close to this average for the second series of experiments.

But the way to watch the task and the communication remains the same see Fig. We make a recursive cut of the image i.

On the other hand, as the SoCs have more and more cores, we have to find innovative techniques for programming them and observing the behaviour of the programs. Each processor then locally handles its own list of tasks.

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We are only interested in the second part as the first part can be achieved with traditional tools. Then, neglecting the cost of the interpretation, R. But this shows that in a real case, the static placement can be penalizing. Then, an arithmetic lock based on an atomic instruction such as CompareAndSwap may be used to implement mu- tual exclusion. The message passing paradigm is not the same as the workstealing paradigm, yet they share common points in the way applications using these paradigms can be profiled.

Modelling, zakelijke verzekeringen online dating analysis and parallel implementation of an on-line video encoder. Scheduling Cilk multithreaded parallel programs on processors of different speeds. On-line adaptive parallel prefix computation. This allows to compute all the macroblocks in parallel. This chal- lenge may be addressed by a technique based on parallel computing coupled with performant scheduling.

At the programming model level, we know when a steal is requested and when it succeeds, a steal always generates a communication between two nodes. And finally we can use test boards to tune precisely the application. Such a technique allows the programmer to avoid the constraints of the architecture. Our work is focusing on two main domains. Introducing the open trace format otf.

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The work-stealing principle has many advantages regarding embbeded software. Mapping consists in sharing data by making a static placement on the avail- able resources. Moreover, the time of computation highly depends on the input data.

Scheduling multithreaded computations by work stealing. So work-stealing offers a novel approach for embedded systems as they contain more and more processor cores. At the moment, we have some preliminary successful results, the next step is to build a full demonstration of this concept in order to define a future generation of tools. But the profiler can combine information from both and it gives relevant information to the programmer.

There is one lock for each processor attached to the network. This is possible because we know the application and then, we can make some optimizations. The scheduling can differ from an execution to another. It should not be too far from the average computation time of one macroblock.

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The main advantage is that processors can steal work themselves to other processors. Applications require more and more intensive computations, especially multi- media applications such as video encoding. As for work-stealing, the scheduling is passive, the communications and task creations are initiated by the middleware. It is a special address in memory that, when read, activates a lock.

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