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In it became the National Australia Day Council, based in Sydney, with a stronger emphasis on sponsorship. Ferret racing, a highlight at Henley-on-Mersey, creates great excitement and anticipation amongst the audience but is also steeped in tradition when ferrets were used to farm rabbits. Then the honours are conducted from a podium in front of Parliament House. In Sydney, celebratory drinking, and later anniversary dinners became customary, especially among emancipists.

Their method of reprimand was to segregate convicts from the general population. The Henley-on-Mersey Management Committee continues to broaden the aquatic opportunities that are afforded by the staging of this event at Bells Parade. It is the first day of spring in the southern hemisphere.

This drew national and international attention to Indigenous rights in Australia. Concluding the fun is a fabulous fireworks display. By the day was a national holiday in all Australian states. There is entertainment throughout the day, including special guest appearances. Under British rule it was initially intended as a penal colony.

Their method of reprimandThe HenleyonMersey Management Committee continues

Other colonies commemorated their own imperial foundations. The federal government immediately deprived the councils of their powers to hold citizenship ceremonies. His mission was to establish an agricultural work camp.