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Devastated, Biggs returned to her hotel room, wondering if she should give up her search. He learned of the circumstances of his birth as a teenager. She never went back to Ireland. The journey also comes with an inherent risk. She met her birth mother in and it didn't go well.

The control the Catholic Church had over the state, up until even more recent years, was eye opening. Clarke says her mother was placed on a boat to Liverpool shortly afterward. She's the same nun who stonewalled Philomena Lee. She made her first trip to Ireland in to search her roots. Before neighbors figured out who had been knocking on her door, the woman reached out to Biggs and asked her to meet in the hotel lobby.

Clarke says her mother was

She now lives in Roseville, Calif. His adoptive family had changed his name to Greg. In June, the discovery of records showing that nearly babies had died over the years at one home in Galway, many from malnutrition and neglect, brought another surge of interest.

Her parents, who knew it would bring shame among their neighbors and friends in predominantly Catholic Ireland, sent her away to Bessborough, Clarke said. Half concerned, half hopeful, Clarke started typing. Growing up, Ann Clarke always knew she had a brother she had never met. Clendenin, Los Angeles Times, Feb. After decades of uncertainty, Clarke said her mother finally asked a family friend to locate her son.

The control the Catholic Church