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Eventually, some of the housemates living in the village may return to the main house. The winning team will also become contenders for Captaincy. There will be rounds in this task.

Shilpa fails to place the Baby at the parking slot thus Priyank falls out of Captaincy. Cooking Competition - Housemates had to individually prepare a dish for Neighbours. Housemates could only choose two housemates for nomination between the seven nominated housemates by Captain Vikas.

Vikas, Shilpa, Luv and Arshi were successfully to get emotions out. Invisible Competition - Housemates had to totally ignore that housemate from the start buzzer till the end buzzer, where that housemate had to try to get their attention and react to them.

Bigg Boss (Hindi season 6)

Bigg Boss Kannada 6 Contestants Name List 2018

Captain Bandgi had a special power to save one unsafe housemate, she chose Puneesh. And housemates had to nominate two housemates from those seven housemates. Nominations concluded when Sidhu contemplated on giving the two names. Imam Siddiqui was the first runner up while Sana Khan and Niketan Madhok were second and third runners-up respectively. Lucinda got ejected from the house by the housemates.

Priyank from Team Red As a result, Team Blue had more number of apples, therefore they were safe from nomination. At the end of the Task, the worker and the businessman with the highest points will win.

Housemates have to make sure that by the end of the task at least four eggs are thrown into the pool. Bigg Boss asked Hina, the house captain, to hold Akash's hand. New Task were announced as Vikas City where he will be cruel dictator, inmates will have to follow his orders, and Vikas will try to irritate them so much that inmates try to leave the task. At once only four housemates can have the membership.

The box with the least sand will become the next Captain. Then if the King correctly guesses the good Queen, he and the good Queen will become contenders for Captaincy. They chose Akash, Vikas and Arshi.

Bigg Boss Kannada (season 6)

Then the Neighbor saved Hina and nominated Arshi and Bandgi. Housemates not chosen by the captain were hence rendered immune. This article needs additional citations for verification. Puneesh's Egg- Akash threw his egg into the pool. Housemates choose Shilpa, Arshi and Akash.

The Arshi task continues and Akash gets voted out. Vikas's Egg- Akash threw his egg into the pool. To promote Entertainment Ki Raat. Akash Dadlani eliminated from the show!

Captain Luv was safe from nominations. Shilpa and Vikas didn't leave their partner's hand thus saving their partner and themselves got nominated. Hence, Sana was made captain.

He is also fired from captaincy and not allowed to become a captain for the show. The photos of the staff members are kept in the garden. Luv was not part of the Task but had to see that not any rules of the house are being violated, if did he himself can forcefully sent housemates into the house, therefore removing from the Task.

Bigg Boss revealed that the voting lines have remained open only for a day and another housemate will be evicted on Friday. At every buzzer, Bigg Boss will give an emotion through the sliding door next to the swimming pool, acomba which humans will have to bring out that emotions from the robots. Bigg Boss nominated him himself.

This task was judged by few Panelists. Arshi's were Red blocks and Shilpa's were Blue blocks. The female housemate will wash the male housemate's face with Garnier face wash. The two inmates who have most magnetic bags in the end of the task will win ticket to finale. With receiving the lowest number of save votes Imam, Niketan, Rajev, Santosh and Vishal were nominated.

Puneesh fails to place the Baby at the parking slot thus Luv falls out of Captaincy. Housemates were nominated due to failing in task by having low amount of apples on their tree.

He got a task where Priyank shave his head, he also successfully did the task. Akash's Egg- Puneesh threw his egg into the pool. Hina, Akash, Luv and Arshi.

For the first housemates voted openly on the interview night before Salman. Then Housemate had to mutually decide one housemate to go to the Jail, they chose Sapna. Captain Hina and Wild Card Pooja were safe from nominations. Hina saved Luv by destroying her soft toy.

Bigg Boss (Hindi season 11)

Telephone Task Bigg Boss set a telephone on a life-guard chair high-top chair in garden area. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Other housemates played the role of the Park staff. They were given a bowl of water. Throwing water on the mics, even after constant telling. Padosis were given a Secret Task to make up a fake story about them relating to a man called M. The housemate with the most water at the end of the task will become the new Captain.

Salman Khan hosted for the eighth time in a row for the main series as he was not in Bigg Boss Halla Bol. Akash saved Bandgi by shaving his head while Puneesh was asked to wear salwar suit entire week to save Sapna which he denied. They could not come to a mutual decision.

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With receiving no save votes Rajev, Sana, Sayantani and Urvashi were, therefore, nominated. As Jyoti got evicted during the Task, she was replaced by Sapna. King Hiten had to guess which one of the Queens is the good Queen, he chose Queen Arshi, which was incorrect and Arshi became the last potential contender for the Captaincy. They chose Puneesh and Hina.