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Broken Pumps and Promises by Evan A. Thomas download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Presently, the impact of interventions may not always be aligned to the intent sought. What was less apparent was how actual impact and success would be measured.

The fear isThe case studies presented cross

In this book, readers will discover alternative ways to move the mindset of funders and implementers toward pay-for-performance models of humanitarian and environmental interventions. Case studies by authors from the Rockefeller Foundation, Yunus Social Business, and the World Bank explored feedback tools, including performance-based payments. See if you have enough points for this item.

The case studies presented cross disciplines, scales, organizational and national boundaries and can defy easy categorization. The fear is that if the new Sustainable Development Goals proceed without measurable standards directly aligned with the intended impact, they too may also fall short. For instance, continuous feedback rather than annual data collection may spur communities to remain engaged with development agencies, which can then respond promptly to problems. But with these innovations, perhaps this flaw in the global development model may soon be addressed. And the lack of objective data on program performance contributes to a subsequent lack of accountability and misallocation of resources.