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For example, the relationship calendar is best when you need to know someone else's schedule, as it's a calendar made for two people to share. The app further comes with multiple language support. Or, if you only want one or two of the upgraded features, you can also buy them individually for less than the upgrade price. For those who appreciate minimalism, however, there's certainly an allure to an uncluttered user interface because it makes checking your calendar a pleasant and stress-free experience. Do you rely on notifications and reminders or do you find them a nuisance?

In short, educational calendars are full of exceptions and unusual circumstances, and My Study Life was created to accommodate them. They're also free and pre-installed. It helps in organizing, scheduling and provides convenience on the go. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

It's intuitive to use if you're familiar with other Apple apps. That makes it hard to recommend to those who need something cheap and simple.

15 Best Calendar Apps for Android (June )

Yet another section of the app lets you keep track of scheduled exams. This one is not just a calendar app but something that combines your emails, calendar, and much more into one place.

The widget for the same comes with the intuitive feel and has some nicely lit up functions. You can choose a color scheme for your calendar, and no matter which option you pick, it still looks sleek and clean. You can add a travel time estimate that will be factored into event alerts. Here are some more productivity app lists that might help out too! Plus, Google updates it fairly frequently with new features.

Best Calendar Apps for the iPhone and Android Devices

In a pinch, you can also view and update your calendar entries from a web app on icloud. The app comes with a tone of reliable organizer that can be color coded as per the liking for each event.

It also integrates with G Suite apps, letting you create a calendar event from Gmail, for example. The app has an auto backup option and integrates changeable themes.

The app also comes with the ability to create Siri Shortcuts and widgets. It even supports calendar sharing with other people. With these tips and tricks, it sure can.

The right calendar app helps you stay on top of appointments, holidays, and celebrations, not to mention deadlines. Furthermore, you can sync Tiny Calendar with local calendars or Google Calendar, giving you more of an incentive to use it if the stock options are not to your liking. The app gathers around all of calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts into one place for better viewing.

Google CalendarThese are the 15 best calendar apps to help you organize a chaotic day

In terms of the basics, you get Google Calendar as well as any other calendar with Android Calendars support. The app can also be used with gesture feature. Packed with features and customizable.

The excellent to-do app Any. It can easily be synced and can be viewed as per the liking of the user. It has color coded view integration and also offers changeable themes.

After all, the widget might help take care of it too. Mobile These apps for teachers and educators will put you at the head of the class Students shouldn't be the only ones using their smart devices in the classroom.

Want a nice beautiful calendar app donning your smartphone, then switch to Today Calendar. Setting it up is about as easy as connecting an email client app to another email account.

Some calendar apps are more collaborative than others, and some are more suited for home use than office. Not only is Thunderbird one of the best email apps you can find, it also is a superb calendar. You create multiple calendars with this app, and as you do, it can display your events in an overlay, ulead media studio 7 full version giving you a full picture of what's on your schedule. Best Free Android Launchers Apps. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play.

Final Words

Previously known for as the Zime app, this one has added unique graphical interference to its look currently. But they all present these basic functions, in addition to other unique offerings.

For example, when you create a new calendar in TimeTree, the app asks you whether it's for personal, family, friends, work, relationship, or group use. You can try Moleskine and all its features for seven days, but after that, you'll need a paid subscription to get anything more than a read-only calendar. The natural language parsing means you can interact with the calendar app as infrequently as you want and still create events without having to think like a computer. So where did Google Calendar outshine the rest?

It is called evo collaborator for outlook. The app allows for sync option for events and schedules from your Google account. We recommend looking around for apps that cover multiple bases.

These apps are generally free, already on your device, and do the basics. The app comes with changeable event colors and can be configured in different modes of viewing. It can't get any better than that, right? Furthermore, the app comes with no ad-intervention and is clean to use. Even paper ones are great for remembering dates, taking out the trash, and keeping track of family birthdays.