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Chief Bender's Burden by Tom Swift download in iPad, ePub, pdf

This is a fascinating biography about an accomplished man, both on and off the baseball field, who struggled against mind-numbing prejudice and somehow still persevered. Not an accurate reflection of his contribution, at least in my opinion.

He grew a number of fruits and vegetables, especially corn, and either ate, sold or gave away what he grew. Swift uses Bender's opening game of the World Series against the Boston Braves as the thread that runs through the book. In short, Bender's words are twisted by the author to try and make them fit into the subject of his book.

On the positive side, if you're a big fan of Bender or just curious to learn more about him, you're sure to find this book a valuable resource. Bender, also played professional baseball.

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That was the first World Series game Bender failed to complete. His last major league appearance came in when he pitched one game for the Chicago White Sox. And almost everything good that happened to Bender happened either in Philadelphia or elsewhere while he was representing the city. There's no way to disprove what Swift is saying, but the burden of proof is on him.

An historical author should keep an open mind and be willing to embrace the evidence for what it is, not distort it to try and fit their beliefs. Also, Bender himself remains something of an enigma. Swift also examines some of the theories why the A's were swept by the Braves in one of the biggest upsets in baseball history. The biography is interesting and well-researched. His book does well in both ways.

Bender seldom sat around contemplating the injustice of the world. Given everything, it would have surprised me had he not sought some sort of salve. Swift does a good job of shedding light on Bender's major league baseball career and his life after he left the majors. Bender's first year numbers were impressive. Swift admits to haveing no empirical evidence to back this claim up and instead tells the reader that it's just common sense.

Instead of getting a sense of building to something, we just get a series of interruptions. He had also been suffering from cardiac problems.

Instead of getting a sense of building to so You learn a lot about Chief Bender and his career in this book. His very nickname is an example of that.