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Chloride Movements Across Cellular Membranes by Michael Pusch download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The salt reabsorption results from a complex interplay between ion channels, pumps, and transporters. The direction of transepithelial transport always depends on the localization of the transporting protein.

This represents a gain of function contrasting with the loss of function caused by the truncating mutations. As the effects published by Haug et al. This technique allows the measurement of ion transport across an epithelium. It does not belong to a larger gene family.

As electrocytes are organized in stacks equivalent to batteries arranged in series, the voltages across single electrocytes add up to more than V during an electric shock. Four main proteins involved in this process have been identified Fig. All subtypes of Bartter syndrome show an autosomal recessive inheritance. The ubiquitous isoform may sort it to endosomes and the neuronal isoform to synaptic vesicles.

This represents a gain of function

This, indeed, turned out to be true. Therefore, in this organ a redundant function of the two channel proteins is unlikely.

As the effects published

The Thomsen type was first described by Thomsen who himself suffered from this disease. This deafness might be the consequence of an altered composition of the cochlear endolymph of the scala media.