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This is in contrast to the procedure followed by Gillet et al. The fallout could be immense. Prior temperature changes put tropical plants and coral reefs near the poles or had much of our land covered by ice more than a mile thick.

References Overview Climate change refers to man-made changes in our climate. There may well be more of one than another. Warming caused by man-made emissions of greenhouse gases also increases the amount of water vapour in the air by boosting the rate of evaporation from the oceans and elsewhere. The models do not seem correct. Polar Regions The loss of sea-ice and ice-sheets is adversely affecting species from both poles.

To guard against having a biased report, one should look for balance. In the face of all these natural changes, and those we are here to consider, some species flourish while others diminish. It is recommended reading. Another is that there are indications that the models are wrong in the drought predictions in the tropics and subtropics. Links to similar charts, but all slightly different with different assumptions or algorithms to fill in missing or sparse data, are provided in the left margin.

As an American, working with the Russian teams, I was often caught in the middle of both camps. Some times the exclusion is real or just perceived. They say there is nothing good to come from a sea-level rise, only problems, coastal problems.

Scientists predict that man-made climate change could contribute to a mass extinction of wildlife in the near future. Nevertheless, they continue to persist, increasingly publishing dissenting papers. Perhaps they are perceived to be so few because Consensus people do not see them in the room and do not realize how numerous they are becoming. For example, the hawksbill turtle is at risk of rising sea levels and increases in storm activity, which will destroy its nesting habitat. For most coal producing countries, coal output is in steady decline.

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