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This film is narrated by Kevin Costner. Edward Bromberg and his tax-collecting henchman led by Capt.

Wade Williams, David Sanborn. He and his crew were ambushed and imprisoned by Spanish forces. Pinocchio quickly ran afoul by associating with bad company, including the unforgettable characters of two devious crooks J.

Through a journey of self-discovery, redemption, and forgiveness, Rip learns that life isn't always played between the chalk lines of the baseball diamond. John Ford Adapted from four short, one-act plays by Eugene O'Neill that were condensed into one screenplay. The barber won the admiration of pretty neighbor girl Hannah Chaplin's ex-wife Paulette Goddard.

Later, he gave the judge a lock of her hair, convincing him it was real. Alfred Hitchcock A thrilling and suspenseful espionage masterpiece from Alfred Hitchcock, his second American film. Now he's the new coach for the New York Yankees, and he wants the championship.

Later he gave the judge

He suffered a political demise when he tried to go straight, fight corruption and promote real reform as governor - opposed by the Boss - and had to flee the country. Hilarious, bumbling antics ensue, concluding with another bank robbery and a classic car chase sequence, with Egbert taken as hostage. Leavenworth with other Point graduates, to keep the peace due to a war over whether Kansas would be slave or free and quell any uprisings.

Babe hits a ball that soars five blocks and smashes through a church window. In the final showdown scene, Hardin confronted the judge in a gas-lit opera theatre in Ft.

Her husband faithfully believed her. She falsely learned that Roy had been killed in the war, but in a memorable scene, accidentally mt him when he returned, while she was soliciting business from returning soldiers. He pitches his way to the World Series before he runs out of his secret weapon. In the end, they save Ahmad's kingdom and throne and his love. All is well until he is distracted by love.

Alfred Hitchcock A thrilling and