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Communication as Comfort by Sandra L. Ragan download in iPad, ePub, pdf

You can already see where communication conflicts are bound to occur. Similarly, I had a meeting with a lady from Germany where I realized I needed to push myself to be much more direct or else she might think of me as being inauthentic. There might be an easy explanation.

To do this, determine where you think your personal comfort zone exists compared to others. If you resonate with this scenario, fear not. Also, compare your written communication to your verbal communication.

She speaks up and points outTrisha reports to Lovleen

As a savvy intercultural communicator, there are two things you can do to prevent these conflicts from happening. We are validating this new tool among cancer caregivers.

Each individual has a different Comfort Zone. For myself, I know I am pretty comfortable with delivering and interpreting messages both in a very direct and very indirect way. The context of the situation determines the correct action. Trisha looks at the context and feels this is an appropriate time to demonstrate her smart, critical mind. This new measure, the Family Caregiver Communication Tool, addresses these communication styles and preferences.

She speaks up and points out some flaws in the proposal, and suggests where it will likely face problems. Trisha reports to Lovleen.

Relationally, Ashish knows he is supposed to be indirect toward his supervisor, Alan. Westerners tend to justify the extremes of their Comfort Zones based on the context, whereas Indians and most of the rest of the world justify the extremes based on the relationship. This is also true when judging if someone is being too indirect.

On the other hand, Sharla is less comfortable with communication outside her narrow zone. Following the training, we study the impact of the training and whether it did, indeed, improve patient and family outcomes. The less delicate, the more direct and rude you can be.