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Conscious Women Conscious Relationships by Darlene Montgomery download in iPad, ePub, pdf

When a woman feels absolutely confident, worthy and deserving of attracting a conscious man then she will inevitably manifest this into her reality. Clearing all energetic blockages to unconditional self love and activating your heart chakra to its highest energetic potential is the best way to manifest a higher giving love relationship. Despite this ubiquitous desire among women very few of them actually get to attract a conscious man into their reality let alone create a passionate, committed and loving relationship with him.

People in relationships have very similar pain bodies because the frequency of their own pain body attracts them to each other. Many have talent and many are successful.

Energy cords prevent you from completing the relationship at the soul level and keep you projecting your past relationship baggage onto the new relationship. Thank you for offering the Ascended Relationship Program and for all the clearings your did. It is imperative to raise your standards beyond old and outdated beliefs so that your subconscious mind can project this new beliefs onto your reality. Many women have energetic blockages the prevent them from truly accessing their tantric powers.

Energy cords prevent you from

And then watch the changes. Many healers promise many things. This, in and of itself, is remarkable. Because they will come, so be ready.

This was the first time I had ever had sessions with you. It totally changed my life. Clearing the source of that inner critic will eradicate any self-diminishment and self doubt.

Activate the frequencies of sacred sensuality that conscious men find irresistible. This is a relationship where both partners love themselves and can therefor give and receive true love. The pain body acts like an energy vampire that takes over your mental and emotional bodies in order to feed from your negative thoughts and the dramatic reactions of other people. Your clearings helped me align with my mission and I ended up in a certification program that has now become my career.

Thank you for offering the

When in conversation with him you feel that you are interacting with an ancient, wise and loving soul with spiritual knowledge sourced from other dimensions. The result will be the embodiment of your Divine Feminine energy connected to your heart and womb space. When I took your sessions I was already in a relationship.

And I have had some good results. This frequency is what creates a powerful magnetic field that acts like a loud and clear call for the right conscious man to approach you in a respectful and higher loving way. His unique ability is to safely communicate directly between his own Higher Self and yours. You are an excellent practitioner and you make the process fun and more importantly, safe.