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Continental Defense in the Eisenhower Era by Christopher J. Bright download in iPad, ePub, pdf

It is also thick on description and thin on analysis. Bright uses a multidimensional approach, tracing the development of nuclear antiaircraft weapons and recounting the related official government actions, U. The rationales for the drawdown are underdiscussed, as is any role of the anti-nuclear movement. This chapter reinforces his argument that the Eisenhower years represented the heyday of U. However, the book merely observes, and does not suggest this broader analysis.

Historians of nuclear weaponry will

This fact is striking in light of the subsequent build-up of nuclear offenses, and it provides the focus of Continental Defense in the Eisenhower Era. Historians of nuclear weaponry will find a wealth of information about the development, testing, deployment, and publicity surrounding U. John Kennedy celebrated air defenses, and they might have been used during the Cuban missile crisis had events followed a different path. On the whole, the book succeeds in its aims.

Nuclear Antiaircraft Arms and the Cold War. These chapters also provide an unusual look at the local dimensions of air defense. He seeks to balance the larger literature devoted to U.

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