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Continents modify global windWith the fusion

Earth's present-day continents are expected to converge to form a new supercontinent, much like the ancient Pangea. It is therefore somewhat expected that lower topography in other regions of the supercontinent during the Jurassic would negatively influence precipitation variations. The rising mantle can form a plume or superplume. Another Pangea-like supercontinent, Pannotia, was assembled million years ago, at the end of the Precambrian. Contributing to Pangaea's popularity in the classroom is the fact that its reconstruction is almost as simple as fitting the present continents bordering the Atlantic-type oceans like puzzle pieces.

Continents modify global wind patterns, control ocean current paths and have a higher albedo than the oceans. With the fusion of the Angaran craton the stable interior portion of a continent of Siberia to that combined landmass during the middle of the Early Permian, the assembly of Pangea was complete. This is evidence that these two land masses once shared a direct connection when their coastlines were joined- forming a single landmass. These kinds of changes are dramatic, even on evolutionary time scales. Therefore, continental drift influences mean global temperature.

This increase may have been strongly influenced by the movement of Gondwana across the South Pole, which may have prevented lengthy snow accumulation. When a slab of subducted crust is denser than the surrounding mantle, it sinks to the discontinuity.

Other times, one of two colliding tectonic plates would be forced beneath the other resulting in a process known as subduction. The Pangea Theory The Pangea Theory is based on the evidence of continental drift, and also fossil evidence which links the species which lived on continents that were joined at one time. Because Pangaea is the most recent of Earth's supercontinents, it is the most well known and understood. There is an association between the rifting and breakup of continents and supercontinents and glacio-epochs.