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Even the place names the expedition members left behind were unwittingly, and often repeatedly, replaced by settlers who perhaps had scarcely heard of Lewis and Clark. Charles, the Corps descended the Mississippi to St. So impressed were Lewis and Clark that they christened the spot Calumet Bluffs. Clarke also describe Ordway as well educated. The biography of York he cites is Robert R.

During this period, Ordway bought and sold land, became a constable in New Madrid for a short time, and frequently appeared in court as a plaintiff and a defendant. Prominent scholars seem acutely aware of this deficiency. On their journey west, which began near St. Charles, having been detained by business at St.

The land now became familiar, almost homelike, to the Corps. Adding trouble to trouble, Lewis mismanaged his personal finances and fell into debt. After the showdown on the banks of the Bad River, peace was made with the duly impressed Lakotas, who regaled the men with a feast and a dance. Both Wheeler and Charles G. No one could have guessed that three years later he would die a lonely death in the Tennessee wilderness.

Historians do agree that as in his army career, Ordway soon distinguished himself in civilian life by becoming a wealthy landowner. The Men of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. All other audio produced by Yellowstone Public Radio. They knew that any foreign power that ruled the Mississippi faced the soft western underbelly of the United States and could, if war came, thrust a dagger deep into the vitals of the republic.

Prominent scholars seem acutely aware

Marks, The Life of Sergeant Chas. The first meeting with the Lakotas had gone exceedingly well for the soldierexplorers. Persona Secretary to Pres. After a speech by Lewis, the two commanders acknowledged the chiefs by giving the grand chief, Weucha, or Shake Hand, a flag, a medal, a certificate and a string of wampum. After the skirmish with the Blackfeet, Lewis, lest he be outnumbered by the warlike people, turned around to meet up again with Clark.

In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark. Her husband, Toussaint Charbonneau, and son, Jean Baptiste, both of whom achieved renown of their own, left the expedition with her. The four men rode along the Natchez Trace, an eight-foot-wide, mile trail that ran through the dense woods of Indian territory.

During this period Ordway bought and