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If the silence threshold is too low, some silences go undetected. Therefore it might be useful to show again how trivial such analysis bypass can be done, in the hope that at least some vendors wake up and fix their products. These silences increase the playtime of the compressed audio data. To account for the whole chain of delays, the start of the next track should ideally be readily decoded before the currently playing track finishes. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for further suggestions.

The two decoded pieces of audio must be fed to the hardware continuously over the transition, as if the tracks were concatenated in software. If the encoder is known, it is possible to guess the encoder delay. In order to use our userlist. Lossless formats are not prone to this problem.

These methods defeat the purpose of

These methods defeat the purpose of intentional spacing between tracks. But, the analysis systems are still broken and the vendors either are not aware of these issues or keep quiet about these problems.

In the following I demonstrate how to hide a malicious attachment from proper analysis in a few simple and easy to follow steps. Nothing of this is actually really new. By adding junk characters this heuristic failed. Most mail clients including Thunderbird and Outlook will use the first header and ignore the second, interpreting the following no different from the original mail. After all this modification it is still possible to open the mail in Thunderbird and access the malicious payload without problems.

But the analysis systems are

Note that this post is only a small insight into what can be done. But it is not fully clear how an occurance of any other junk characters should be handled. Apart from accounting for playback latency, the preciseness here lies in treating lossless data as-is, and removing the correct amount of padding from lossy data.

It may be possible to add gapless metadata to existing files. While this method results in gapless playback within consecutive tracks, it can be unwieldy because of the possibly large size of the resulting compressed file.