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Deficits and Debt in Industrialized Democracies by Eisaku Ide download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Unfortunately, the evidence on the relationship between budget deficits and the exchange rate does not readily resolve the debate. This groundbreaking book shows the power of deep historical expertise to illuminate a central issue of our times. This impressive work is highly relevant to anyone concerned about the future of advanced industrial democracies in a debt-ridden world. Not all countries, though, have fared the same.

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First, he shows the evidence on the relationship between budget deficits and exchange rates is not clear-cut and explains why the theory that underlies the relationship is ambiguous. Among other things, the cases highlight the role of taxpayer consent, tax structure, the welfare state, organization of interests, and labor and financial markets in shaping fiscal outcomes.

This groundbreaking book

Park has researched and written extensively on the politics of public finance in Japan. Gene Park, Eisaku Ide and their collaborators enlighten us about these national, long-term patterns of fiscal performance with their insightful comparative case studies of seven advanced economies.

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