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Designing Effective Women's Ministries by Jill Briscoe download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Configure payment plan in cart. It is intentionally planning programming to accomplish that goal. But the Lord wants to use you as the spiritual leader in your community to help grow your women in their faith. The price displayed in your currency is not the exact amount that you will be charged and is displayed for your convenience only. Ministry, on the other hand, is helping your women know and grow in the Lord.

That's our personal call to holiness and giving our best. The book shows how to develop programs that are specifically tailored to your church and your community.

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That is very difficult for the other women in your ministries and a difficult job for you personally. You will be charged an amount very close to the price displayed, depending on the exchange rate of your credit card at the time it processes the charges and any fees they may assess. Today their program stands as a model. Programs can slip easily into entertainment orientation and success just become numbers. Let me know your thinking on these elements and share any resources you might have to help each other.

You will be charged an amount