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We accept the ashes

With so many stories to tell, you really should begin telling yours today. Hair or ashes into memorial diamonds Cremation and the cremation process determine that the physical body is no longer with us. Purchasing a diamond from the store neither has a meaningful history nor does it have any personal attachment to us. So as the embers of a loved ones life turn to ashes we are also reminded how transient life is and desperately want to hold onto that visual memory.

Create your never-ending love story. All over the world people are discovering the joy of capturing the moments, lives and legacies of their loved ones, in the heart of our perfect diamonds.

This experience is highly emotional, personal and almost supernatural. In the darkest hours of grief following death, for many, comfort is found by treasuring the memories of a loved one.

We accept the ashes as the remaining visual reminder of that life. Create your never-ending love story All over the world people have fallen in love with the idea of wearing diamonds with real meaning. Diamonds as unique as you are In capturing personal memories, milestones or moments, you get the joy of wearing a diamond that you choose, shape, wear or give, set in a ring, earrings or, pendant.

Create your neverending love story All

Like the rebirth of their soul into a beautiful lasting symbolic creation. Heart In Diamond has changed the diamond industry and has made diamonds really worth something valuable. We were never big supporters of the highly regulated diamond industry that gives the general public the idea that diamonds are rare and valuable. Thank you Anita for making this these hard times not so hard.

We believe that what gives an item value is the history and what that item means to us personally. By turning ashes into diamonds we can transform our perception of them into the natural beauty that a diamond captures.

Think of it as the heart of your diamond. In order to create something as truly beautiful and heartfelt as your personal diamond, we employ only the best and most reliable processes and practices which always culminate in perfection. Our specialists extract the carbon and add it to the base we use to create your diamond. You also have the option for face-to-face discussions via Skype or Facetime.