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People were likely to flee the modern necessity of choosing meaning and value, running back into the arms of religious or political monotheisms that provide a secure, naturally meaningful world. Modernity promises freedom and rationality but may give us deadening routine. Modern was being applied specifically to what pertained to present times and also to what was new and not old-fashioned. Modernity is merely the state of being modern.

This free culture had the potential for a more varied and exciting world than any in history. The future would belong to benevolent feudalism and welfare bureaucracies. Now when I quoted Wilber above and said he was not strictly wrong, the quote had some omissions in ellipses.

It also means consistency

It also means consistency in linking our actions, creating the efficient order of means to end. Modernity might finally dispel the great illusions that there existed some one harmonious scheme of values. There are many gods to follow and no high god or supreme value to arbitrate among them. It stands as an era of social relations most commonly associated with capitalism and a new global awareness.

Modernity is the modern era of humanity to the degree that such a rapidly evolving notion can be categorized. The economies of Eastern Europe communist states were an exception to some of these features, though they were based on the large-scale industrial production and consumption of goods. The first refers to ways of producing and classifying knowledge.

Modernity might finally

There is no obvious way to put the pieces back together. Modernism's development was more subtle. History Modernity was born out of an agriculture-based society in which representative democracy was far from the norm.

But that does not make us modernists. It carries a certain analytic and theoretical value, because it is related to a conceptual model. Many current debates in the United States are cast in terms implicitly structured along the lines suggested by Weber.