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At the very least, I would hope for input from the disability community in choosing suitable candidates. One hundred and twenty of those cases dealt with air transportation in Canada. More people attended than was anticipated by about a roomful. Indeed, disability discrimination forms the largest percentage of matters brought before human rights tribunals in Canada. Every step is a step closer to a more inclusive society.

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It will be important to ensure that the Commissioner has expertise in disability and human rights in order to be effective. Analysis of these laws show that they do not reflect the intersectional lived experience of people with disabilities on the ground. Another took place earlier this week in Windsor when a teenage girl with autism was bullied verbally and physically by classmates. With that background, and drawing in part from my research, here are my reflections on the proposed new federal disabilities act shared at the consultations in Toronto on Feb.

Third, access to justice for people with disabilities is a topic that has largely been overlooked by accessibility legislation. There are also numerous cases that do not make it to the agency because individuals may choose not to bring a complaint or be unable to do so. There was a vibrant energy in the room that I think everyone felt. My hope is that the government will think about these areas -such as healthcare which might include attendant care- in developing its legislation.

Everyone was provided three minutes to speak. They are also quite important to me as a person with a disability. Disability discrimination claims will still arise.

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In other jurisdictions, this socio-legal problem is being taken up directly. It would be detrimental to the disability community for the federal government to be myopic in this regard. Enforcement has been one of the downfalls of accessibility legislation previously enacted elsewhere in Canada. When it comes to air travel, it is not uncommon for airlines to change aircrafts for reasons of efficiency despite knowing that mobility devices may no longer be able to fit within their cargo doors.