What if I have an employer statement of value that differs from the pension calculation? This not only affects your life, but the lives of your family as well. If you don't distribute the expenses then a couple bad things happen. Second, you can see data entry and results at a single glance. Check back later for an expanded tutorial on each itemized deduction.

How do I enter a business buyout note? Do you enter the entire expense or half the expense? Pension How can I tell if my pension valuation is right? Wages generates all three tax and support factors income tax, employment tax, available for support. What do I need to know to start using Family Law Software?

How are pension present value valuation and pension payments coordinated? Your promptness and willingness to keep revising is much appreciated. Video help focuses on legal concepts rather than the mechanics. For example, suppose a party is subject to a special excise tax.

How can I open a file in a different state? It takes into account actual tax liabilities and circumstances of each party to quickly and accurately calculate support payments. Wages Entering wages seems simple enough, right? How do I show a retirement from a business, or sale of a business? Are there blank paper data input sheets that I can print for clients?

How can I stop interest and dividends from accruing on accumulated savings? How can I send information from Family Law Software to another professional who does not have the program? We go over your report and try to find things that you may not be aware of or forgot that will make your support payment a better fit for your budget. How can I enter deferred compensation? How do I enter it and get going?

The effect of new spouse income is very often a surprise on first encounter. If there are no employment taxes and no income tax, you do not need to include that as wages. There are quite a few categories of taxable income, ranging from short and long term capital gains to rental income.

There is a column for each party. How do I handle reimbursement from marital property for the expenditure of marital assets for separate purposes? How can I calculate Family Support?

But it has two very powerful advantages. This could include actual nontaxable income or a job perk that is considered as guideline income. How do I handle reimbursement from marital property for payment by husband of wife's separate debt or vice versa? Once the judge makes a ruling it is too late. Why are my footnotes not printing?

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How do I handle reimbursement from marital property for the expenditure of separate assets for marital purposes Epstein credits? How can my paralegal or assistant install the software, photo frames for windows 7 or how can I put it on a second computer for myself?

DissoMaster provides a separate line for these so it can reduce guideline income by mandatory retirement contributions. Click menu items to the left for a basic introduction to DissoMaster. DissoMaster provides a lot of smarts related to exemptions. It is similar to a flat tax. All that and you may only be getting started!

Keep in mind that a deduction that is good for a party's tax situation can be bad for that party's support position. How do I enter responsibility for the mortgage shifting from one party to the other? How can I figure out whether the the parties should complete their divorce in the current year?

What if part of the home was rented before sale? Working with the other parent you may come to an agreement that is satisfactory that you will be able to submit to the court. This is a complicated formula that takes into account the actual tax responsibilities and circumstances of each party. How can I handle the reimbursement equalization in a situation in which the wife has given separate property to the husband or vice versa? How do I handle depreciation recapture?

The top layout displays more info though more can be shown while the bottom one shows less info though less can be shown. The amounts you enter as other discretionary deductions reduces income available for support dollar-for-dollar. How can I create different scenarios in the software? Other Nontaxable Income Enter income that is available for support but that incurs no employment, income, or other taxes. The narrow center section and the area on the right display results.

The DissoMaster Program

The Dissomaster Program

Time and many other things will change the amount of your support payments, and they may be greater or lower than your last Court Order. Can I specify a fixed-dollar reinvestment in specific investments? We will put ourselves in your shoes and go over your information to make sure that you get a calculation that is best for you. For example, asks for state income tax.

How can I enter capital loss carryforwards? Why are the mortgage and other expenses not showing up on the financial affidavit or Budget Report?

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How do I enter a buyout of the marital home? Happily, support calculators do the heavy lifiting.

First, they lower that party's income available for support. Useful for same-sex couples. How do I specify self-employment income? The training videos are not working. What if my client's gender is neither male nor female?

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When I change numbers on the What If Analysis, the taxes do not seem to be updating. Why is the pension income not correct? How can I make a presentation using Family Law Software? This is what we do all day, every day. Why does the total expense number on the financial form not match the Budget Report?

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How do I know if it applies to my case? Can I run the software on a Macintosh?

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