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Dreams Of Rivers And Seas by Tim Parks download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Parks has been criticized for

Parks has been criticized for using the exotic Indian decor as a caricature to paint his tragedy. This is about the relational aspect of humanity. However, the novel's real territory is the mind. Parks looks very deep into the soul of his characters in this novel, and gives a very wry look at the problematic nature of relationships between people. Ironically, neither Albert nor Helen recognises the emotional violence they have inflicted on their son, the outsider in their perfect marriage.

This is about the relational aspect

The book is a rapidly unfolding mystery that hints at suicide, murder and madness, and builds to a wrenching climax. Certainly this is true of the novel's portrayal of India. Helen and Albert were each other's lives. Parks often refers to the web, in one place even giving Google results.

To my mind, there are other weak elements in this novel. Also, the relationship of son John with his mother Helen and with his girlfriend Elaine, and the American journalist Roberts with Helen seem almost equally wry and elusive. He notes the media's obsession with celebrity and trivia, its disparagement of dissident intellectuals such as Arundhati Roy and Pradip Krishen. Parks's impressions of India are authentic and unsentimental. Or the caricature of the American journalist, especially in his sudden moral conversion.

He loves and is proud of his famous father, but hurt by his apparent indifference. The same for Helen, who initially seems extremely cool and professional, but appears to be quite different.

John, on the threshold of adult life yet dependent on parents who treat him as an inconvenience, is a moving mixture of self-assertion and puppyish need. But in Delhi, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The key is the growing turmoil in John's mind.