Dvd Shrink 5.2

Probably the best software on this site, and this site has some great software! Just what I have been looking for.

It seems that most reviewers couldn't get it to work either. One of the best peices of software ever. And if different or an upgrade, does any one know the cost and what is the a recommended site to purchase it at? Any problems wind up as hardware related.

Absolutely the best software for compressing dvd's. The software also beets software which cost you to buy.

Baboy Send private message to this user. Easy to use and works well with Nero Burn. Why would you want to put yourself through all of the hassiles that it takes to use this out dated proggy is beyond me. So I tried another type of disc.

Dvd shrink 5.2

The best and easiest dvd copying software. You want to backup your dvds no matter what your skill level? The first preventative measure is encryption. Once you learn how to use them and understand how they work, you will really love it! Umm mm, yeah, I'm Swedish.

However I have noticed lately that more than a few of the newer movie releases can not be copied. Colemanvt Send private message to this user. Really good program and would recommend this program to anyone. XweAponX Send private message to this user.

FREE Backup Solution for your DVD movies

If you download the proper version of Shrink I promise that it will do everything that I just said it would. It says shrink, which it does masterfully with automatic and manual control, poker no signup no but you can also use it to split discs and burn to two discs. An hour and a half was needed to shrink the movie. This is by far the easiest program I have ever used for what it does and of course it is free.

The people who make this tool are no longer updating in a post they put on their site. This software is absolutely excellent. TauLurin Send private message to this user.


One question, when will it get an update. Thank You I hope this is what Im looking for Ron. MysticE Send private message to this user. Plus, the price is hard to beat free.

The key word is free, what more can i say, this program has worked better than any program I've used, and payed money for. This is a fantastic piece of software. We will send an account activation link to the email address you provide, so please make sure to use a valid address.

Preview during the copy process. Im glad I found this site. Mr-Movies Send private message to this user.

Dvd shrink 5.2

This programme has been used for many years with me and i say the only dvd that i have not been able to copy is King Kong. It would pause, then skip scenes and freeze.

Dvd shrink 5.2Dvd shrink 5.2

Two things that I chould have saved if I would have found this program right away. Been using for years, not sure what my problem is, but its frustrating, as I havent done anything different than what I usually do. It delivers and the price free is just right! Great program, have yet to had a problem with it.

RedAnt Send private message to this user. Just realised I asked a question about the software. Rips a crystal clear copy so quickly. MaxBurn Send private message to this user.

Good to know it still has use for others. Simple and reliable, I believe it even supports dual layer now.

Download DVD Shrink for Windows

Edsup Send private message to this user. Help us Submit software Submit software update. This software is really good. But we all know they aint. The upgraded new one, it gotta be better than that.

Works fast on fast systems like mine. It is great software and best of all cheap. It provided a patch for the drivers. So I tried to think what could cause this.

Good, but need a program thathas a bigger video display area. If it slows down, go ahead and defrag your hard drive, simple, eh? Works with any Nero burning rom.