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Current migration has already resulted in

But mass resettlement has brought its own profound problems, embodied in the struggles of the Ma family and their neighbours. Current migration has already resulted in low-scale conflicts.

The report recommends interventions both to address the situation of those who have migrated, as well as those who remain in areas subject to environmental risk. Others call for an increase in social programs to both prevent and help in a migration event.

Our homes are no longer there, but we can dig into the earth and build a cave home. If we move, it would probably bring our community closer together. There is an eminent threat of loss of culture and loss of tribal identity with these communities. They are displaced when disastrous events occur, such as tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters occur. Another brother, Mr Ma Shixiong, was one of a handful who stayed behind in Yejiahe village, a five-hour drive south, defying the government's orders.

This figure includes those displaced by storms, floods, and heat and cold waves. The ways in which people forage and hunt has changed because of changing climate. There is an old saying in the health care field that the big difference between medicine and poison is dosage. Our community voted for our village to move to a place called Tin Creek.

But mass resettlement has brought