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The shadow of the Civil War hung over the Glasgow household as it did over Richmond. Glasgow felt in this novel she had successfully reversed the traditional seduction plot by producing a heroine completely freed from the southern patriarchal influence. Later she spoke at the first suffrage meeting in Virginia. Her grandparents were Congressman Thomas Gholson, Jr.

She was engaged twice but did not marry. Publication was further delayed because her brother-in-law and intellectual mentor, George McCormack, died the following year. However, it is strong on showing the ambiguous situation of Southern women of her class.

Her posthumous autobiography The Woman Within surprised those who knew her. Of course, her subject matter and style are not exactly Jacqueline Susann. However, the relationship did not work out well, not least because Anderson was apparently having an affair with the Queen of Rumania. Despite its commercial success, however, reviewers found the book disappointing.

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The latter and Barren Ground of the previous decade remain in print. It is a National Historic Landmark.