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Conroy, she left at last for Europe. Emma's voice and her talent for music soon drew the attention of her teachers and companions.

She earned a fair share of the honors of the evening. This was her first appearance in that theatre. The funeral was held two days later at the Servite Church on Fulham Road. Though ill, she insisted on singing Lucia and Gilda before hostile audiences. On her return to Covent Garden she sang Elsa in the English premiere of Lohengrin in addition to her usual roles.

For three years she sang the great masses of the classical repertoire, played the organ on occasion, and even conducted the choir. She also sang Donna Elvira and Eva on tour in Boston. There she became a popular singer, an organist and teacher of singing and saved enough money to continue her studies. In the spring of she sang in La Traviata in Paris, then gave the first performance of an opera written for her by von Flotow, Alma l'incantatrice.

She also sang Donna Elvira

In November she arrived in Canada with assisting artists to undertake a transcontinental tour that took her from Halifax to Victoria. In the autumn she made another tour of Holland and Belgium. This afforded her a better education than she might otherwise receive, and additional musical instruction. The Czech composer was the conductor the following year when Albani performed the title role of his oratorio Saint Ludmilla.

Additional work offers began to pour in. She spent six months in Paris, training with Duprez. Two years previously, her appearance at La Scala in Milan had produced one of the rare failures of her career. At Covent Garden she developed an interest in oratorio after being introduced to it by Sir Julius Benedict and Josiah Pittman, who encouraged her to explore it. Two streets in Montreal have been named in her honour.

For three years