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Engaging with Contemporary Culture by Martyn Percy download in iPad, ePub, pdf

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It is a welcome addition to the scant volumes that cover an evangelical reflection on the arts and the aesthetic life. The sale, open to the public until Oct. In fact, it often takes on a new shape and appearance when taken out of the gallery space and translated to a computer screen.

He provides muchneeded wisdom

Meyers on the subject at the University of Minnesota. Siedell ultimately contends that art is not antithetical or hostile to Christianity. Cranach is a model of a layman who applied his faith in his secular vocation, impacting the culture with his Biblical worldview and his Lutheran convictions.

Once he prints the resulting image on a canvas, he then applies layers of acrylic brushstrokes to simulate the appearance of physical painting. He provides much-needed wisdom, modeling how Christians can charitably engage modern art. The above painting, rendered on aluminum, was composed entirely on a computer.