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As was often the case in the World Cup, group matches were played in two venues in close proximity to each other. The ball hit the underside of the crossbar, bounced down and was cleared.

Franz Beckenbauer scoring the winning goal with a left foot shot from the edge of the area for West Germany as they beat the Soviet Union. England's total of three goals conceded also constituted a record low for average goals per game conceded by a World Cup winning team. Each group played a round-robin format. Finals Squad The squad was the product of a rather protracted winnowing process. For any match other than the final, if the teams were still tied after extra time, lots would be drawn to determine the winner.

England's total of three goals

Hurst later admitted that his blistering shot was as much intended to send the ball as far into the Wembley stands as possible should it miss, in order to kill time on the clock. They also became the first World Cup winning team not to win its first game in the tournament. Winning the ball, Bobby Moore picked out the unmarked Geoff Hurst with a long pass, which Hurst carried forward while some spectators began streaming onto the field and Hurst scored moments later. The top two teams in each group advanced to the knockout stage. We can feel the energy and feel support from home and it's a very special feeling, a privilege for us.

Uruguay were the other team to qualify from that group at the expense of both Mexico and France. The venue of the first semi-final between England and Portugal was changed from Goodison Park in Liverpool to Wembley, due to Wembley's larger capacity. The most used venue was Wembley, which was used for nine matches, including all six featuring England, the final and the third-place match. Portugal appeared in the finals for the first time, and made quite an impact.

Because Wembley's owner refused to cancel this, the game had to be moved to the alternative venue in London. Debate has long raged over whether the ball crossed the line, with the goal becoming part of World Cup history. Following a break for a short last visit home, the man squad embarked on a four-match pre-tournament tour of Europe.

In particular, with five minutes gone, Bobby Charlton struck the post and sent another shot just wide. It was subsequently equalled by Croatia in the tournament.

All the group's matches were played at Wembley Stadium apart from the match between Uruguay and France which took place at White City Stadium. Two points were awarded for a win and one point for a draw, with goal average used to separate teams equal on points. This remains the latest date that any tournament has concluded. Alan Ball delivered the ball to Geoff Hurst whose deflected shot from the edge of the area found Martin Peters.

Franz Beckenbauer scoring the winning