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Eugene Ely, Daredevil Aviator by William M. Miller download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Some might too many stories of av I really liked this book. Thank you Bill for bringing Eugene's story and accomplishments to print and giving him the long overdue recognition he so richly deserves. Ely was an early flyer who I first heard about when researching a book on Medford, Oregon. Ely succeeded in making the first take-off from a ship, barely.

He can be reached at or by e-mail at wmolineux dailypress. The engine gained thrust just as the wheels touched the surface, and Ely was able to build altitude and head for Willoughby Spit, where he landed.

Without these cookies, we won't know if you have any performance-related issues that we may be able to address. Ely had to have the spirit of a daredevil. Ely was not out to win any prize money but to prove a point and win fame.

Sadly, as was the fate of so many of these early show pilots, Ely lost his life in a crash during a performance in Macon, Ga. And it's great to have biography printed of this guy, who I think deserves one. He taught himself to fly in and never looked back.

Some might too many stories

It brought back some of the excitement of aviation from a time that really was not that long ago. The Curtiss rolled off the edge of the platform, settled, and briefly skipped off the water, damaging the propeller. Miller's ability to find so much info about a guy who died in and who most of the public is unaware of, but he was truly the first naval aviator.

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Keville Glennan captured this breathtaking flight of Nov. There was also a canvas awning at the end to catch the airplane if the ropes and sandbags were not sufficient.

Some might too many stories of aviation meets, but I enjoyed them. We use this information to create a better experience for all users. This time a longer platform was in place, feet, along with ropes and sandbags stretched across to serve as a crude arresting system for landing. Somehow, Ely had talked the Navy brass into allowing him to perform what they considered to be nothing other than a stunt in an experimental biplane that was pieced together from two wrecked ones.