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Unprecedented class solidarity was displayed and the prejudices of religion, sex, ethnicity, race, nationality, clan or tribe evaporated in the red heat of revolutionary struggle. The Black movement unified and gained international recognition with the emergence of the Black Power and Black Panthers organizations and their support of violence as a means of protest.

God is dead and society is tired out. The war in Israel divides the communist party. The Soviet Union supports the Arab states and Jewish members of the party are progressively hunted down and thrown out of the country.

Like in France, the students are the first to trigger off the movement against archaic and withdrawn institutions. The working class demonstrate on a wide scale in the streets in order to demand, at last, some social rights and public liberties. Later, the opposition toughens. It was titled the Red Square demonstration.

With Franco, only married women are established Echoes of Prague and Paris appear at the gates of Spanish universities. He leaves power the following year after a referendum in the form of a fist fight. Too anti-Russian and anti-communist, the show is banned and students demonstrate. The next day over two thousand students marched in protest of the police involvement on campus and were clubbed and arrested again. Artists, students and intellectuals rally together for their freedom of speech.

Unprecedented class solidarityThe Black movement unified

Focussing on the way in which the activists themselves made sense of their revolt, Europe's makes a major contribution to both oral history and memory studies. Inspired by the protests in France earlier that month, the Stockholm protests were calmer than those in Paris. The wind of debate does not delay in reaching the big industries of northern Italy. God is dead in Italy The song by the group Nomadi which gains huge success in gives the gift for the start of the new Italian academic year. In Denmark and the Netherlands, environmental action groups protested about pollution and other environmental issues.

Still today, in the press, in public gardens, on television, springtime in Prague is largely commemorated in the Czech Republic. The entire summer was a series of escalating conflicts between Mexican students and the police. Liberation from state repression itself was the most common current in all protests listed below. France was particularly involved in environmental concerns. The environmental movement evolved from the anti-nuclear movement.