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The operational programmes are subjected to three assessments. Vessels that are permanently laid up, in addition to those already due for scrapping, may be reused for other non-fishing activities or for the creation of artificial reefs. Member States must send the Commission a strategic plan and an operational programme in order to benefit from assistance under the European Fisheries Fund. If necessary, it may require that the operational programmes be modified. He can be reached at bblock worldwatch.

For instance, more marine protected areas are being requested. The industry suffers problems due to fluctuating demand for farmed fish. For this reason, community funds have been made available to fishing as a means of encouraging regional development.

This is partly due to improvements in the ability to transport fresh fish internationally. It varies according to the priority of the initiative and will be higher for the most disadvantaged regions and for the new Member States, i. The Commission summarises these reports in its annual report which it sends to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.

Unsustainable management of fisheries is not just a problem in Europe. The market for fish and fish products has changed in recent years. Some European fisheries have already switched to the incentive-based system, such as a few small fisheries in the Netherlands. The part of the budget reserved for technical assistance may be used to finance these assessments. Fleet capacity is based on a vessel's size tonnage and power kilo-watts.

It is often in areas where other employment opportunities are limited. Supermarkets are now the main buyers of fish and expect steady supplies.

Ben Block is a reporter

Borg said the current number of vessels can catch between two and three times the government-authorized, maximum sustainable yield. Ben Block is a reporter with the Worldwatch Institute. The Commission is expected to reduce the European fishing fleet as one measure to address the exploited fish stocks.

Member States are responsible for forecast and interim assessments whilst the Commission carries out the final assessment. Fresh fish sales have fallen, but demand for processed fish and prepared meals has grown. Community support began in for inland fish farming, but was extended to other areas in the late s.

Borg said the current