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Meanwhile, efforts continue in an attempt to understand how a genetic link explains the way in which environmental toxins may ultimately affect bone marrow. Farmers, painters, hairdressers, firefighters, and first responders to the Sept. That makes it hard to get enough information to establish a firm link between any given exposure and developing myeloma. Advocating for the sale and use of only non-toxic chemicals. Genetics One way for scientists to understand these complex relationships is by looking at trends noted in different studies over time.

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Environmental Toxins Researchers are trying to determine which environmental toxins or exposures, such as dust or certain pesticides, could contribute to multiple myeloma. The researchers concluded that this finding warranted further research into the relationship between multiple myeloma and pesticide exposure. Agricultural workers may be endangered by the pesticides they work with, while firefighters and first responders face a melting pot of combusted chemicals and other environmental toxins. Genetic differences between individuals were examined to see if there was any pattern that indicated a link between exposure to toxins and risk of myeloma.

Strictly following current recommendations for the use of pesticides and other potentially toxic chemicals. Durie says that while it is not always possible to know who is at risk in advance of exposure, there is enough evidence to support an overall increased risk from toxic chemicals.

Meanwhile efforts continue in