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It is living according to sight, not faith. The reason is that ultimately, at least for human beings, being faithful is the result of having faith or, if one can make a play on the word faithfulness, of being full of faith. Only those who walk in dependence on the power of the Spirit will experience the discipline and courage needed for faithfulness. Now what is sought in stewards is that one be found faithful. In the time of the New Testament the Roman world was filled with slaves.

He is faithful to chasten Ps. Since our very capacity for faithfulness has it source in God, we are to be faithful for His glory. Always be outstanding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. Enter into the joy of your master. On my nose are eyeglasses, the fruit of the labor of Ben Franklin.

You needed to do these without neglecting the other. If one does wrong retaliates, does his work half-heartedly, murmurs, etc.

You have been faithful with a few things. King Ahab tells the notorious Jezebel what Elijah had done. Still staggering from these injuries and indignities, the two came to Thessalonica.

Since our very capacity for

Suddenly Elijah becomes fearful, running scared, exhausted, depressed, and wants to die. Certainly, then, if this is the goal of history, the supreme motive for our faithfulness is to bring glory to God.

He is faithful to chasten