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Family Heirlooms by Zulmira Ribeiro Tavares download in iPad, ePub, pdf

These become the family heirlooms. However, certain items are more likely to be passed down than others. Teach them how to handle these heirlooms properly or keep them away altogether. Handle with Care Unlike items in storage, great family heirlooms can start to look less than great due to the stresses of everyday use.

Keep The Family Together If you are caring for multiple collections, be careful to keep each collection separate. Clothing can get stained or stretched out. Wash your hands before and after handling your treasures. Keep heirlooms away from water and other liquids. We would often play family games together with our parents, such as Monopoly, or Game of Life.

Instead donate themGrandfather clocks are

Grandfather clocks are aptly named, since so many have been passed down from grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Instead, donate them to a second-hand store or sell them and give the proceeds to charity. It simply has to have come from someone in your family who received it from another family member.

Those things that can be saved usually are, though, and are given to the person who values it most. Unlike some items that may have been mass-produced, letters and diaries are truly one-of-a-kind heirlooms. These can include anything from wartime correspondence from soldiers to their sweethearts, to personal perspectives on the news of the day. Even better, the greeting on inscription will be personalized for you. Many people like it this way.

My grandmother liked to keep old newspapers in a suitcase under the bed. Leave individual items grouped as you found them, in shoe boxes, envelopes, or paper bags.

When it comes to family heirlooms, the cure could cause more damage than the problem itself. We approach every job as if we were preserving our very own memories.