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Go to that areaWe need to extend those laws

If you watch a petri dish full of bacteria, they will keep multiplying exponentially until they hit the edge and run out of food. We insisted on having that knowledge. Too few voices are expressing concern about the soil erosion in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, and Kansas. Just years ago came the third carbon pool, coal, which fueled the Industrial Revolution. He and Lynn Margulis have done much to advance our thinking.

We need to extend those laws to constrain our consumption. Go to that area now and see how many cedars are left.

Now roughly twice as many fossil calories are spent on nitrogen fixation as are used for tractors, combines, and so on. We need vegetables, fruits, and so on to balance the diet. Most of us are trying to do the best we can within a system and a culture that is often at odds with our convictions. Where the land is suitable, county councils could divide up their farms and offer tenancies to small farmers at below-market rates. He believes the loss of topsoil is the single greatest threat to our food supply and to the continued existence of civilization.

We grew a lot of our own food. The price of land has more than doubled since payments by the hectare were introduced, pushing it out of reach of most genuine farmers.

These are all necessary as we transition to a more sustainable food system. In the Nile River valley in Egypt monsoons that come across the Ethiopian mountains chip nutrients off and send them down the Blue Nile to meet the organic matter coming in on the White Nile.