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Covering regions experiencing rebellion or ethnic division is also challenging. Black women are twice as likely to be fatally shot by an intimate partner compared to white women. National Center for Health Statistics. Female journalists must navigate additional pressures when reporting in religiously conservative areas, such as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or rural districts.

While the military is not

The journalist, who covers sensitive political issues that often involve the military, was saved only through the intervention of passersby. Access to a gun increases the risk of death by suicide by three times. The murder is still under investigation and no suspects have been arrested. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After a few minutes, the men placed a hood on Hasan, and more people entered the room and began to beat him.

During that time, he was mistreated and lost weight, Bajwa said. The deterioration in the climate for press freedom in Pakistan accompanied a reduction in murders and attacks against the media. Authorities have named Kenneth Allen Kelly Jr. White men defined as non-Hispanic white.

Hasan managed to speed away. To the east, Pakistan faces India, a far larger and powerful neighbor that is considered hostile, and with whom it has a territorial dispute over Kashmir. The incident sowed the seeds of distrust and conflict between the press and the military and widening divisions among media groups. If you break through that, come out, and try to do something new, you face dangers.

Geo was facing an imminent financial crisis. Both women are transgender. As Hasan was leaving, two men in plain clothes told him to come with them. There is no stopping them.

The attacks halted newspaper

General Ghafoor earlier did not respond to a request for a meeting. Police are treating the assault as a homicide.

The attacks halted newspaper distribution. While the military is not solely responsible for the pressures facing the media, its hands can be found almost everywhere. Bajwa said that by June the remaining charges were cleared, and Raza was able to return to work.

Being accused of, or even discussing blasphemy can be deadly. The calls are not necessarily threatening. In April last year, a mob killed a year-old student named Mashal Khan after a debate on religion.