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Following the war greater numbers

Stroll around Haut de Cagnes, a medieval town with narrow streets and unforgettable view points of the Mediterranean Sea. Walk around her luxurious Villa Ephrussi for a taste of her world that no longer exists. The area is the epitome of unspoilt French Riviera glamour.

This chataeu also housed Pablo Picasso for six months and was thus turned into a museum dedicated to him. For the five months that preceded his suicide he turned out nearly canvases. Monument to Queen Victoria in Cimiez, in the hills above Nice, where she was a regular winter visitor. He loved weather and light so much that he bought a farmhouse and turned it into his own Impressionist studio.

Following the war, greater numbers of Americans began arriving, with business moguls and celebrities eventually outnumbering aristocrats. Wander along the ancient walls of the city and experienced what inspired many artists to create their works here. Inspired by the sparkling blue waters and the scenic streets, Cezanne was the first to arrive in the early s.

Wander along the ancient walls

Aix-en-Provence Aix, the birthplace of modern art, was once home to impressionist Paul Cezanne. Another popular choice is the Belles Rives hotel.

Search Art Trails of the French Riviera The French Riveria, located in the beautiful and perpetually sunny south of France, was once home to the world's greatest modern artists. Cannes soon had a small British enclave. Legend says that Picasso once lived here and traded paintings for meals and lodging.

Dancer Isadora Duncan frequented Cannes and Nice, but died in when her scarf caught in a wheel of the Amilcar motor car in which she was a passenger and strangled her. Ripley, Patricia Highsmith describes the Riviera as including all of the coast between Toulon and the Italian border. The French Riviera soon became a popular destination for European royalty.