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Appendices and footnotes will be considered in the total length and word count of the article. Abbreviations should be avoided within the title. These limitations are also problematic.

The title should be concise, omitting terms that are implicit and, where possible, be a statement of the main result or conclusion presented in the manuscript. People who are mastery oriented want to learn, and take on challenging tasks in order to do so. Although theory of mind is related to social competence, they are different constructs. In extreme cases, the editorial office may veto a title and propose an alternative. Witty or creative titles are welcome, but only if relevant and within measure.

Doing such interventions at scale would be exceedingly difficult. For any questions regarding style Frontiers recommends authors to consult the Chicago Manual of Style. Correct attribution of the original source in repositories or pre-print servers must be included on submission, or added at re-submission if the deposition is done during the review process.

Thus working memory attention

Thus working memory, attention, inhibitory control, and execution skills are employed. Manuscript Length Frontiers encourages its authors to closely follow the article word count lengths given in the Summary Table. Note that sending your manuscript for language editing does not imply or guarantee that it will be accepted for publication by a Frontiers journal. Titles that are a mere question without giving the answer.

The tests, described next, assessed a variety of skills known to be important to later success. Creativity is certainly a desirable construct. Another measure not used in prior studies of Montessori outcomes was the Alternate Uses task, which assesses creativity.

Manuscript Length Frontiers encourages

Second, executive function is known to predict many life outcomes Moffitt et al. The first was the growth of a mastery orientation. One is the predictive power of income for achievement, or the income achievement gap. They can help to improve the grammar, syntax and flow of your manuscripts prior to submission.

The second new construct was feelings about academic tasks. Include terms that are out of place, for example the taxonomic affiliation apart from species name. They are resilient, persisting even in the face of failure.

The two subsamples did not differ on any measured ethnographic variable. Consider if a title meant to be thought-provoking might be misinterpreted as offensive or alarming. Their implicit theory of intelligence is that it is malleable, such that the harder one works, the better one can be. It was administered at each time point after the first fall.