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He got a job offer, an acting job and of course he cancelled the fan convention. Harold was subsequently released from intensive care and returned to complete his interrupted role on Desperate Housewives. Personally I believe they had something before but also they have new partners now. For instance, someone like Tennessee Williams. The looks are starting to go, and he's not going to get by on his acting I'm afraid.

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Harold played a scheming and powerful male witch who is the father of one of the teenagers. He was always an asshole to his fans, and although he appears to have embraced them in the last couple of years, I don't think he ever really did. He moved to Los Angeles to study acting and was subsequently accepted to the Actors Conservatory Program. He played the lead character Andrew James Barrington, Jr. It seems he is doing best job without harming others and has been a straight person in his life, for which he has not been in any controversy yet.

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His father was an engineer and his mother a real estate agent. Guess he's not the only one having planned a longer vacation. The role of Josh was difficult and very different from the one he was playing in Queer as Folk. Casting on such a short notice happens all the time.

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We know there won't be anything real happen between Gale and Randy as some gossip girls imagined, everything past is past. Gale Harold is an American actor. Gale ultimately chose to transfer to the San Francisco Art Institute to pursue a degree in Photography. And Scott, Randy and Sharon, you got the hook up meaning I do appreciate what you did for a friend - I admire your friendship and I think each of you took some risk. Randy is in Germany already.

There's no way he couldn't make this convention for a day or two if he really wanted to go, new project or not. What is with all these conspiracy theories?

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And they stayed true no matter how painful and they probably considered backing out many times, but I thank God that they didn't. Currently, there are no desperate rumors regarding his personal and professional life. He remained in critical condition after swelling of the brain was discovered as well as a fractured shoulder.

And wtf was up with that statement? If you don't want to support him anymore, than don't.

His nationality is American but his ethnicity is undisclosed. Same goes for his indie Rehab. Next time you wanna make some money, think some other idea but not like this convention.